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At binary9.net, we explore technology in all its dimensions including uses as well as the future of technology. We will examine how technology is being used in order to revolutionize the medical field and deliver better services as well as the consumer dimension of technology. For example, how can small businesses use technologies in order to reach vast markets and boost their sales? How can they succeed in the competitive e-commerce landscape? Planning to buy car? How about using technology to shop for your car and get the best deals online? We look at how technology is evolving in various fields whether it is in the ecommerce, dealerships or the mining sectors.

While most the website is about the “tips, advice, guide” format where we give you some useful tips that will help you make more informed consumer choices in the marketplace, in some places, we really cut to the chase and offer you some reviews and recommendations on what to buy based on our insights and experiences using some of the products.

Binary9.net aggregates diverse voices with unique experiences when it comes to technology. We report on shifts and trends and endeavor to equip you with the best knowledge and insights in order to understand the role technology plays in our daily lives and work. We hope you will find our contributions worthwhile. Feel free to make your contributions so that we can make this a two-way conversation and crowdsource as many ideas as possible that add quality to our space.

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