Make the best song covers anywhere with these DIY sound booth ideas

Are you a Youtuber who posts videos of your song covers? Have you ever tried repeating the recording of your covers because of sound pollution? Because hearing is involuntary, the unwanted noise of honking cars, baby cries, and noisy fights outside are bothersome to everyone. So when you’re making a song cover next time, you should have a portable sound booth to take that perfect recording.

A portable sound booth consists of sound screens that absorb external noises to capture your vocals clearly. You’re YouTuber with a passion for music and you want to give your viewers a chance to take music as a therapeutic adventure.

There are a lot of portable sound booth brands n the market today. Some of these brands are SE Electronics with their original Reflection Filter, RoXdon VB1, Auralex Mudguard and some others around a price range of $200-800 dollars.

The brands vary in performance, they are effective in recording your vocals well. Though in deadening the sound, some vocal booths falter in some aspects but do a good job in a recording.

If you’re on a budget and you still want to make covers without hesitation, there’s no one stopping you. In fact, a helpful way to do that is to make a DIY portable sound booth that will costs you in less than $50 or even lesser.

Singing is your thing but truth to be told, you should also make recording your thing. While you indulge in drinking your tea for maintaining and treating the quality of your voice, you should opt to get a vocal booth in recording your song covers.

Some methods include going inside the closet or if you’re rich, you would go invest for a vocal studio. But it won’t hurt to try other cheap alternatives for a simple DIY sound or vocal booth.

Other Alternatives for DIY Sound Or Vocal Booth

1. Acoustic Foam Panels For Small Rooms

If you’re going to be making a cover, you need a small room a bit the size of a closet and install it with acoustic foam panels.

Great quality acoustic foam panels depend on the thickness of the fiberglass or polyester material that they’re made of.

It does the job for soundproofing with just the right amount of thickness is good for a small recording studio.

2. Mattresses For Killing The Noise Stress

Mattresses are made of very thick material. It is capable of silencing external sounds.

They are very easy to assemble, too. Using around 4 mattresses, you can corner yourself with these bedding as you record your song covers.

It is just like playing house with the use of mattresses. The only downside is that they’re heavy, but they are really worth your effort.

3. Acoustic Tent Using PVC Pipes and Packing Blankets

Heavy packing or acoustic blankets are sound absorbing blankets that you can hang or tie around a structural tent made out of PVC pipes.

Most song covers are not recorded in soundproof rooms but it’s unique content and quality if you record your song covers inside a soundproof tent within your own home!

You can find acoustic tent ideas or blueprints online for inspiration.

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Tips for finding the Best Electrician

 An electrician is a type of person who helps to fix buildings, machines, and wires that have a relation to the use of electricity. Therefore, finding the most experienced electrician is very important in today’s lives. In a city like Perth, electricians are always available even in holidays and are always on time once they are called on duty. Make sure that the electrician Perth you selected also has the required knowledge and expertise that are needed to solve all electrical related issues.

When a person is looking out for the best electrician, there are tips that need to be considered. A good electrician usually has a copy of license and insurance. Having such credentials is very important when it comes to carrying out any electrical related work and so a good electrician should be in possession of those. Checking references of an electrician is another tip that a person can use in finding the right one. Therefore, testimonials and also word of mouth from trusted people really count.

Different services offered by electricians

Every electrician Perth market has today offers his clients different electrical services. Some of the services that an electrician offers can be classified into commercial and domestic electrical services. Some of the domestic electrical services that an electrician offers include:

 Air conditioning electrical services. Air conditioning services that are offered by an electrician are repair services, installations, etc.  If a person requires an air conditioner mounted on a ceiling wall or roof, an electrician will gladly do that. These air conditioners are professionally mounted by the electrician, and also an electrician provides a client with the best possible air conditioning solution for their space. If a person has a developing issue with their air conditioner, an electrician can help a person identify that problem and have it fixed.

Another electrical domestic service that is offered by an electrician Perth based is the fixing of the emergency lights, alarm and security systems.  Emergency lights are normally needed so as to ensure and monitor the safety of a home.  Emergency lighting system units are usually connected from the main power source of a building and so installations of the lights have to be done by an electrician.

 Let’s take a look at the commercial electrical services that are offered by an electrician.  Some of these include:

Telecommunications and data networking cable connections.  This is done by an electrician who basically gets to provide cable and power outlets in different office premises that have computers, televisions, and phones.

Lastly, there is the electrical outdoor wiring. An electrician can install all outdoor wires that are required even from one single power outlet.

Hiring a qualified electrician

Electrical related issues are very sensitive and so a person should always be on the lookout when hiring an electrician.  Hiring an electrician who has completed, passed and acquired a certificate in safety and health compliance is very important. This applies even when an electrician completes his or her work; they have to produce a certification that confirms that they have met the level of safety standards needed and required. It is also important to hire an electrician who has been registered and cleared from the personal electrical board.

How to Find Reputable HP Printer Repairs Services in Sydney

No matter the model, brand or reliability, printers can be very finicky pieces of office equipment. A little mishandling may create loads of headache in the office and lose your money. Printer problems range from the most basic such as the paper jams to the more serious ones which will bring everything to a sudden halt and start impacting the productivity and morale in the workplace. There are some simple errors and problems which your staff will be more than capable of dealing with. However, some will require specialized technical attention by the printer repairs Sydney professionals.

If your office is using the large format office printers, you will encounter diverse printer error codes which you will not stand and you will need printer repairs Sydney experts to help you decode these errors. When looking for these professionals, you need to evaluate the right attributes and ask the right questions in order to find the most suitable candidate for the job. These include the following:-

Ask About the Response Times

If you are running a business schedules and cannot afford to lose any time due to the downtimes. It is best to have a company for repairing printers in Sydney that can respond quickly and also offer you service guarantees on their response times. This will ensure that you can recover quickly whenever you are facing any breakdowns. A lot of professional printers repairs will offer you same day services. Some even give you guarantees of response within only a few hours.

Some issues will undoubtedly, take more time to fix but most printer issues can be fixed on the spot. You can verify the response times by reading some of the reviews by past clients who have used the services before. Reading the reviews that have been offered by some of the long-term clients will also help you get a feel of the service and determine if they can be a dependable repairs service.

Look into the expertise

Are the repairs services provided skilled and knowledgeable about their work? Are they staff well trained? There are plenty of ways in which you can know this. For example, if the printer repairs Sydney service is an HP Gold Partner, then you can be sure that you will get quality services from them. Check out Gom for more details.


When testing the various HP services available in Sydney, check if they offer guarantees on their services.  The presence of the warranty is what can distinguish one company from another. Those printer repairs Sydney services that offer quality repairs and servicing have no issue offering you some generous warranties.  The warranty will offer you a relative degree of confidence when choosing printer repairs partners.

Any other options

Are there any other frills which the printer repairs company is offering? Evaluate the maintenance contracts and determine which of these offer you the best value. Printer repairs businesses generally come with plans which seemingly look similar but there is always a differentiating factor which separates one service provider from the other.

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