Looking for Secondhand Forklifts for Sale in NSW? Here are 5 important things you need to look out for

Forklifts are a handy machine for moving loads from one place to another. Most industries in NSW, Australia such as farming, construction, moving companies and warehousing businesses find it essential to invest in this piece of equipment as they increase productivity by making work easier. Unfortunately, they cost an arm and a leg especially the new ones, which is why a lot of people opt to either rent on a contractual basis or buy used. If you are looking for second hand forklifts for sale NSW has for your business, then here are five things you should pay close attention to, lest you lose your money.

second hand forklifts for sale NSW
second hand forklifts for sale NSW

1.   Check the body

The first thing that will obviously grab your attention is the frame, canopy and cowling of the forklift. Keeping in mind that it is a secondhand machine, you would expect a few dents and scratches but this does not mean you should compromise on the overall condition of the exterior.

Whatever damage there is to the frame of the forklift, it should not affect the ability of the machine to function fully. Therefore, ensure that the cowling and canopy provide the needed protection for the operator, check that the side screens are of quality and there are no missing windows.

2.   Inspect the mast and forks

While most dealers in second hand forklifts for sale in NSW will sway you with their sales pitch, you should take it upon yourself to inspect the forks and mast as these are one of the functioning features on the machine. Check out for cracks, bends and other irregularity that are as a result of overloading. If any of the defects are extreme then you should be cautious as this might be unsafe and lead to expensive consequences.

3.   Assess the lift chains, rails, and cylinders

Any damage to any of these performance features means that the forklift is not good enough to continue servicing. Therefore, you need to have a keen eye on the structural coherence of the mast rails, check that the chain is not missing any links and ensure that the cylinder does not have any leaking hydraulic fluids. In case you need some adjustments or replacements done, the dealers of NSW second hand forklifts for sale should be able to sort that out before closing the deal.

4.   Test out the forklift

When you visit a second hand forklifts for sale NSW dealership, don’t shy away from testing out the machines. It is important that you have that feel in the operator’s cabin so you can make sure that everything is working as expected. You can start up the forklift, move it forward then backward and then test every other functional feature.

5.   Examine the engine, counter weights and exhaust guard

After testing out the forklift, you can finally open up the hood and examine the engine compartment for any leaks, cracks on hoses or dirty buildup. You should also check if the air filters are clean and belts are tight. If you are not very technical with engines, then you should probably consult a mechanic.

In summary, when you are out to find second hand forklifts for sale NSW has today, don’t let the great deals cloud your judgment. You should take your time to check and countercheck that everything is standard and functional before you commit to buying.