Make the best song covers anywhere with these DIY sound booth ideas

Are you a Youtuber who posts videos of your song covers? Have you ever tried repeating the recording of your covers because of sound pollution? Because hearing is involuntary, the unwanted noise of honking cars, baby cries, and noisy fights outside are bothersome to everyone. So when you’re making a song cover next time, you should have a portable sound booth to take that perfect recording.

A portable sound booth consists of sound screens that absorb external noises to capture your vocals clearly. You’re YouTuber with a passion for music and you want to give your viewers a chance to take music as a therapeutic adventure.

There are a lot of portable sound booth brands n the market today. Some of these brands are SE Electronics with their original Reflection Filter, RoXdon VB1, Auralex Mudguard and some others around a price range of $200-800 dollars.

The brands vary in performance, they are effective in recording your vocals well. Though in deadening the sound, some vocal booths falter in some aspects but do a good job in a recording.

If you’re on a budget and you still want to make covers without hesitation, there’s no one stopping you. In fact, a helpful way to do that is to make a DIY portable sound booth that will costs you in less than $50 or even lesser.

Singing is your thing but truth to be told, you should also make recording your thing. While you indulge in drinking your tea for maintaining and treating the quality of your voice, you should opt to get a vocal booth in recording your song covers.

Some methods include going inside the closet or if you’re rich, you would go invest for a vocal studio. But it won’t hurt to try other cheap alternatives for a simple DIY sound or vocal booth.

Other Alternatives for DIY Sound Or Vocal Booth

1. Acoustic Foam Panels For Small Rooms

If you’re going to be making a cover, you need a small room a bit the size of a closet and install it with acoustic foam panels.

Great quality acoustic foam panels depend on the thickness of the fiberglass or polyester material that they’re made of.

It does the job for soundproofing with just the right amount of thickness is good for a small recording studio.

2. Mattresses For Killing The Noise Stress

Mattresses are made of very thick material. It is capable of silencing external sounds.

They are very easy to assemble, too. Using around 4 mattresses, you can corner yourself with these bedding as you record your song covers.

It is just like playing house with the use of mattresses. The only downside is that they’re heavy, but they are really worth your effort.

3. Acoustic Tent Using PVC Pipes and Packing Blankets

Heavy packing or acoustic blankets are sound absorbing blankets that you can hang or tie around a structural tent made out of PVC pipes.

Most song covers are not recorded in soundproof rooms but it’s unique content and quality if you record your song covers inside a soundproof tent within your own home!

You can find acoustic tent ideas or blueprints online for inspiration.

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